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About Us

Family Law Solutions, Inc. was founded by Shanna Pothier.

Family Law Solutions provides various services needed for the complete training and education of any legal professional, as well as mediation for families in Georgia to assist with resolving family law matters. 

The vision for Family Law Solutions has been more than a decade in the making as Georgia has grown and new individuals and firms serving Georgia families have entered the legal market.  More and more attorneys and paralegals want to serve families with divorce, child custody, child support and other legal needs with the best practices available. 


If you are looking to advance your career or firm in Georgia Family Law, Family Law Solutions offers career and firm coaching, including training, resume assistance, candidate placement, efficiency assistance consulting opportunities with great firms in and around Georgia. 

Those who want to be the best in Georgia Family Law train with

Family Law Solutions. 


Family Law Solutions works hand-in-hand with legal professionals to guide and train them in the best practices required to serve the families of Georgia.  If your firm has a new professional - from the legal admin to the attorney. Family Law Solutions can ensure the best training for your firm.  Family Law Solutions can work with your firm to create a unique and personalized training to guide your employees on your preferences, blended with the best practices taught by Family Law Solutions.

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