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Family Law Solutions donates regularly to charitable causes throughout the community and sponsors small groups, including local youth sports teams.  To request sponsorship or donation to your group or activity, please Contact Us


Family Law Solutions supports the community by offering scholarships to Bootcamp. To be considered for scholarship, please complete the Scholarship Request Form.  


Family Law Solutions also provides discounted attendance to Bootcamps for all students (law students, paralegal students, undergraduate students, etc.). If you are a student, then please Contact Us for Student Registration.  

Family Law Solutions partners with various non-profit groups and agencies, who provide family law support and representation to indigent and low-income families in need, by providing discounted attendance to Bootcamp and discounted private training to ensure that all Georgia families have access to highly trained and educated legal assistance. Contact Us for a discounted price for your non-profit group.


Family Law Resources partners with mediators who are willing to discount thier mediation rate for members of the community in need. To apply for discounted mediation rates, please complete the Mediation Request Form


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Family Law Solutions is a proud supporter of the Georgia community.

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