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Family Law Bootcamps educate and empower Georgia Family Law Professionals to better serve families in their community. 


Family Law Bootcamps provide quality training and education to all professionals in the firm - from the admin to the attorney and everyone in between - allowing each person involved in the process to provide specialized service to every client. 

When your clients are best served in every step of the process, your clients are happier - resulting in higher referral rates and greater firm success. Training with Family Law Bootcamps assures that your firm is equipped to best assist each family you serve. 


Family Law Bootcamps quickly and cost-efficiently train legal professionals on the intricacies of Georgia Family Law.  Bootcamps are designed for attorneys and paralegals who want to efficiently learn how to assist clients with family law matters in Georgia.  Law School and Paralegal School only teach so much.  Bootcamp provides the additional hands-on instruction and explanation of Georgia law to ensure you that are effective and profitable from your first day in a law firm.  We offer a Basics of Family Law Bootcamp, which is highly recommended for attorneys with less than seven years of dedicated family law experience and paralegals of all experience. We also offer various Advanced Bootcamps, which focus on diving deep into a specific subject, such as discovery or financials.       

Bootcamps are kept small with limited attendees in each session to allow

more interaction and specific instruction on the subject.  Group discounts are available for groups of 3 or more. 


Did you know that Family Law Solutions can plan a specialized, in-house Bootcamp for your firm?


Reviews from Past Bootcamps:

“The entire class was beneficial and helped to streamline the way I perform at work!” 

“The most beneficial part of the Bootcamp was the presenter’s knowledge and experience!” 

“Great experience! I look forward to attending future events!” 

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Available Bootcamps
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