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Resources & Referrals

At Family Law Solutions, we have worked with tons of professionals in family law.  If you are in need of a referral of any kind, please do not hesitate to contact us.  We can help you find the best attorneys, mediators, experts and more. 

We are here to help you!

Family Law Solutions highly recommends the services of Our Trusted Professionals.

Ansley L. Callaway is the founding partner of Callaway & Company, LLC, a financial consulting practice located in Atlanta, GA that specializes in forensic accounting services, litigation support, valuation services, mediation services and collaborative law.  As Managing Director, Ms. Callaway provides consulting and financial analysis services primarily to law firms and their clients in the areas of forensic accounting, asset division and settlement, income analysis and financial valuation.

Ms. Callaway is a Certified Public Accountant, Certified Valuation Analyst, Certified in Financial Forensics, and a Certified Divorce Financial Analyst.  She is also a Registered Mediator.  Ms. Callaway has over 22 years of financial and accounting experience including public accounting, corporate accounting and finance, and international finance. 

Professional Document Services is your go to copy, print and scanning partner.  The most valuable service PDS offers is converting the soft cost of printing voluminous documents or preparing exhibits into a hard cost that is billable to the client, all while freeing up staff and time to take on other projects.  Contact PDS today to see how they can best assist your practice.  

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The unfortunate reality of many divorces is that the family home must be sold with a new home purchased for one or both former spouses.  This time can be difficult, but Stacey makes it easy with her care, knowledge and professionalism.   Stacey is a dynamic real estate agent, who is here to help you or your client find their next home.  Contact Stacey to begin your next step today!

***Please let Our Trusted Professionals know that you were referred to their services through Family Law Solutions.  Some of our professionals offer discounts or special programs to referrals from Family Law Solutions.***

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