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A strong firm is built on caring, knowledgeable legal professionals, who can expertly and efficiently navigate family law cases - leading to better client satisfaction, more referrals and higher firm profits, all while better serving the families of the community.  


All members of the firm - from the receptionist (typically the first point of contact for new clients) to the senior attorney - should be trained to work efficiently and effectively for the client's benefit.  Family Law Solutions provides training from the intake of the client through a jury trial and everything in between, including drafting pleadings, case management (planning, strategy development, etc.), discovery (requesting, responding, managing discovery process, etc.), preparation for hearing, trial, mediation, and much more!


Family Law Solutions can provide training for any aspect of any family law case in Georgia.  We offer a variety of training options to best suit your firm's training needs, including our Family Law Training Manual, various in-person training options and online training. 

Family Law Training Manual

The Family Law Solutions Training Manual is a master handbook to Georgia Family Law, filled with more than 500 pages of how-to's, checklists, insight and much more to ensure anyone in your office can expertly assist family law clients, regardless of their experience.

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Bootcamps are offered monthly to assist legal professionals in growing their skills in a small group learning environment.  Four separate Bootcamps are offered to increase various family law skills. 

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Private Bootcamp

In Private Bootcamp, we can train several employees on best practices and efficiency at the same time - HOW EFFICIENT!  Private Bootcamp can include any of our Bootcamps hosted privately at your office or you can BYOB - Build Your Own Bootcamp. You can choose from our Bootcamp Menu and customize your firm's Bootcamp.  You can host a joint Private Bootcamp with other firms and make this a team-building event.

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Private Training

Private Training is ideal for initial training of a newer legal professional.

Training service costs are typically absorbed by the client by working hand-in-hand with the new attorney or paralegal on a particular legal project for a client (e.g. discovery responses, issuing discovery, preparing for a hearing, preparation of a Domestic Relations Financial Affidavit or Child Support Worksheet, etc.).  By training on a particular client, we accomplish great drafts that are billable legal work and teach the legal professional best practices contemporaneously.  

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Online Training

Online training is similar to Private Training and offers assistance to serve your clients and firm at all times. If your office needs assistance with training on any task in family law, schedule time with our expert trainer to get your firm up to the task ASAP.  

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 Training Partner

If you or your team need ongoing training, our Training Partnership may be perfect for your firm. As a Family Law Training Partner, you and your team have unlimited conference calls for training in any family law area.  Additionally, your partnership includes unlimited access to training videos (coming soon) and discounted Bootcamp attendance.  We focus on training each family law team member to make your firm operate efficiently and effectively.  


Once you partner with us, we assess each team member's family law knowledge and create a rapid training program for your firm. Then we will schedule your first VIP Day, which is included in your Onboarding Fee.  During your VIP Day, we will meet with your entire team to begin implementation of the new training program, including next steps in cases and outstanding assignments. 

After your initial VIP Day, you have exclusive, first-access to schedule additional VIP Days, as needed to support your business.

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