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Family Law Solutions assists Georgia families of all shapes, sizes, color and wealth in resolving their family law issues amicably, including divorce, custody, child support, etc.  Most families recognize that they want to move forward from a divorce or other family change as smoothly as possible.  Mediation gives families that chance. 

Family Law Solutions can help you find and schedule a great mediator.

Our mediators range in price, experience and availability to best suit your needs.


Family Law Solutions trains the best legal professionals in Georgia.  We offer individual training, group private training, various Bootcamps and online personal training for intensive learning of Georgia Family Law. 


Family Law Solutions offers consulting in every aspect of your firm, including firm set-up, case strategy, efficiency, trial preparation and much, much more.  Family Law Solutions even offers personal consulting to assist professionals in achieving a healthy work-life balance and empowering career.  


Contact us today to discuss how we can help your firm grow and better serve your clients!

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