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Intern Program

We want to be the first to congratulate you on being

considered for our Internship Program! 


We receive tons of applications and accept only a few highly promising candidates.  We are thrilled to be considering you and we hope you are equally excited!  You may be wondering what it would mean to be an intern with Family Law Solutions.


During your internship, we will strive to assist you with the development of your family law career.  In exchange, we ask for hard work, a good attitude and availability from you.  Family Law Solutions does not guarantee you a position after your internship; however, all past interns have received offers of full-time employment or started their own successful family law support company.  


To rapidly increase your learning opportunities, all interns must complete all four Bootcamps offered by Family Law Solutions.  During Bootcamps, you will learn practical hands-on skills that will assist you in becoming highly qualified for full-time employment as a family law paralegal.  As an intern, you receive highly discounted admission ($100 vs. $329 per Bootcamp) and further discounts if you sign up for all Bootcamps contemporaneously ($375 vs. $1,316 for all Bootcamps).

As you complete each Bootcamp, you will have the ability to apply your new skills through contract services.  You will also receive mentoring and feedback on each project you complete, which rapidly excels your family law knowledge. 


Once you have completed all Bootcamps, Family Law Solutions will provide you with the opportunity to continue receiving contract assignments, be placed with a law firm or to transition into our Entrepreneur Program.

You must attend each Bootcamp to complete your internship and receive assignments, placement assistance or business development from Family Law Solutions, Inc.

Intern FAQs


Does Family Law Solutions guarantee certain hours to me each week?

No.  Contract work is assigned as it is requested of Family Law Solutions.  It is possible to work full-time from home, but such hours are not guaranteed from Family Law Solutions.  We can help you develop a full-time business through our Entrepreneur Program. 

When am I eligible to receive assignments from Family Law Solutions?

Each intern is eligible to begin receiving contract projects after attending Bootcamp, then successfully completing a test after each Bootcamp, as well as a comprehensive exam at the conclusion of all Bootcamps.  For example, the first Bootcamp, Family Law Bootcamp, covers drafting Petitions for Divorce, Modification and Contempt, so after attending the first Bootcamp and successfully completing the test, you will be eligible to receive those contract assignments.  Each Bootcamp attended increases the assignments you are eligible to receive. 


How will I receive compensation from Family Law Solutions?

All interns are contract workers and each will receive a 1099 at the close of each tax year detailing all payments received from Family Law Solutions.  A W-9 must be submitted each tax year before contract work can be received.  Each project will be paid based on a matrix of how much time the project should typically take to complete.

How can I get more assignments from Family Law Solutions?  

We recommend that you complete each Bootcamp, study your materials and ask any questions you may have before completing your Bootcamp Test, as contract work is offered to interns based on past performance, including test scores and performance on prior assignments (with heavy emphasis on timeliness and error-free work). 

How quickly must I complete assignments?   

We prefer that all assignments be completed within 24-48 hours of request. Interns who regularly complete their assignments in less than 24 hours are eligible for a prompt completion bonus, at the discretion of Family Law Solutions.   

Does Family Law Solutions offer other bonuses?   

YES!  In addition to bonuses for prompt completion, Family Law Solutions bonuses interns who regularly provide error-free drafts. 


What happens after my internship?   

Once you complete all Bootcamps and associated tests, you will have an exit interview wherein we discuss how you want to shape your legal career.  Typically, interns choose to (1) continue receiving contract assignments from Family Law Solutions, (2) placement assistance for part-time or full-time work in a law firm, or (3) to enter our Entrepreneur Program.  

What is the Entrepreneur Program?     

The Entrepreneur Program is how we help our interns move on to the next step in their careers of starting their own business providing contract paralegal services.  

If you have any other questions about our Internship Program, please feel free to contact us at or 470-210-7272. 

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