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About Shanna

Family Law Solutions, Inc. was founded by Shanna Pothier. 


Shanna is a Georgia Family Law Specialist (non-attorney), who is committed to teaching the exceptional practice of family law and progressively advancing the legal services received by Georgia families as a result of her teaching and mediation services. 


Shanna began her family law career assisting attorneys with the practice of family law more than a decade ago.  During that time Shanna has steadfastly pursued knowledge, best practices, efficiency and service of others involved in family law. 


In 2014, Shanna began consulting with various general practice attorneys and small family law firms to bring the specialized knowledge and training required for the best service of Georgia families at reasonable rates.  Shanna has provided cost-effective assistance for thousands of families through consulting with law firms all over Georgia. 


If your family is in need of assistance with a domestic dispute, Shanna provides mediation services to families who are ready to take the step of resolving their differences, including child support, custody, divorce, modification, contempt, etc.  The vast majority of family law cases are able to settle – even difficult cases, especially if children are involved.  Shanna assists is discussing the dispute and allowing the parties to work together directly to resolve the dispute in a cost-efficient matter. 


Shanna travels to mediate for families throughout the metro Atlanta area and North Georgia.  In service to the community, Shanna routinely discounts her hourly rate if a family is in financial need.  Shanna can also refer to you a great attorney and consult on your case if necessary. 


Utilizing her passion for service of others and desire for exceptional quality legal support to be available to the community, Shanna started Family Law Bootcamps in 2017 to further the practical education and training available to those wanting to learn family law in Georgia, including attorneys, paralegals and other support staff in the firm.  Each Bootcamp offered has been approved for CLE Credit for all attorneys licensed to practice in Georgia.  Additionally, Shanna provides in-house, group and one-on-one training of family law professionals, both remotely and in-person. 


Shanna enjoys serving actively in her community, including volunteering with her church’s middle and high school youth group, as well as providing pro bono budget and debt repayment planning sessions to in-need members of the community.  Shanna partners with various non-profit agencies assisting Georgia families to provide the best training services at a discounted rate, as all Georgia families should receive exceptional family law services, regardless of their income bracket.  In further partnership with the community, Shanna offers a needs-based scholarship to each Bootcamp. 

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